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Energy storage technology has potential to make clean power available 24/7, boost Nevada economy

The Nevada Legislature will hear testimony on Wednesday on the latest bill to strengthen the Silver State’s clean-energy economy. Senate Bill 204 would stabilize power costs, reduce fossil fuel dependence, and make our electric system more dependable by adding energy storage. Energy storage counters one of the few drawbacks of some renewable energy by making clean power available 24 hours a day. Innovating and investing in storage would speed up [...]


New legislation would revive Nevada’s rooftop solar industry.

Legislation introduced in the Senate on Wednesday would restore fairness for residential rooftop solar investors, a move necessary to bring back an industry devastated by rate hikes a little over one year ago. A decision by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada in December 2015 tripled costs for investors in residential solar and reduced compensation for the valuable energy solar homeowners sell back to the grid. Within a few weeks, [...]


Advocates applaud measure to increase share of energy from clean sources and boost Nevada economy

Twenty years after Nevada became one of the first states in the country to adopt a novel experiment in energy policy – a Renewable Portfolio Standard that required the electric utility to give consumers a portion of their power from clean energy sources like the sun, the wind, and geothermal – advocates applauded a measure to modernize the law. A measure that started modestly and increased with bipartisan support from [...]


Nevada Businesses: Stronger Clean Energy Standard Would Boost Economy, Create Jobs

Nevada businesses lined up Wednesday in support of Assembly Bill 206 stating it will grow Nevada’s economy by boosting renewable energy production. Business leaders were slated to voice support for Assemblyman Chris Brooks’ bill, which increases the amount of clean energy utilities must provide consumers at the hearing. AB 206, would increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard to 50 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2040. The move towards [...]


Saving Energy and Putting Nevada to Work

Legislators in the Nevada Assembly and Senate are moving forward with bills that could save Nevada businesses and residents money on their power bills – and help build the Silver State’s clean-energy economy. Assembly Bill 223, which will receive a hearing in the Assembly Subcommittee on Energy today, March 1, this evening, would provide for new and extended energy-efficiency measures for small businesses, seniors and others on fixed incomes, and [...]


Clean-Energy Advocates Rally in Carson City and Las Vegas

Today in Carson City and in Las Vegas, advocates rallied in support of policies that will expand Nevada’s clean energy economy and urged state legislators to support efforts to increase the use of renewable energy.  Speakers highlighted legislation to increase Nevada’s percentage of energy from clean, renewable sources; restore Nevada’s once-growing residential rooftop solar industry; increase access to energy efficiency programs; and allow neighborhoods to invest in renewable energy projects [...]


Nevada Democratic Legislators Boost Clean Energy Economy In Vision For State.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are a key part of a vision to create jobs and grow the state’s economy released today by Democratic legislators. Among the recommendations to diversify the state’s economy and attract new businesses to Nevada are several key policies being championed by the RenewNV coalition of renewable energy advocates. The vision calls for updates to the state’s renewable portfolio standard, the law that requires utilities to [...]


Business owners: Proposed legislation would make NV a national clean energy leader, boost economy.

Today Nevada business owners said legislation introduced last night by in the Nevada Legislature would set the state up to become a regional and national clean energy leader. A bill introduced by Assemblyman Chris Brooks of Las Vegas would promote the state's renewable energy economy and put more Nevadans to work in the industry. The bill would increase the amount of electricity Nevada utilities must buy from renewable resources, like [...]


New efficiency, renewable energy bills position Nevada to be national leader

Bills introduced in the Nevada Legislature on Monday will position the Silver State as a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy, clean-energy advocates said today. Monday was a big night for renewable energy in Carson City, with five new bills introduced aimed at reducing energy use, increasing investments in homegrown renewable energy, lowering costs for consumers, and boosting the state’s economy. Assemblyman Chris Brooks' bill to increase the amount [...]


Energy Choice committee has an opportunity to advance renewable economy

Advocates for Nevada’s clean-energy economy today applauded Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Executive Order establishing a Committee on Energy Choice, and encouraged the committee to advance policies that will give consumers the opportunity to renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. The Committee on Energy Choice will help prepare the state for the transition to a new competitive energy market, and will include the Lieutenent Governor, members of the Legislature, major electric consumers, [...]