Rooftop solar bill passes with bipartisan support

After more than three months of discussion, hearings and input from stakeholders, the Nevada Assembly's Committee on Commerce and Labor moved a bill to restore the rooftop solar energy industry while protecting the rights of consumers. The measure, Assembly Bill 405, is now headed to the full Assembly for a floor vote as soon as next week. “This legislation is the product of a lot of debate and compromise, but [...]


Advocates speak for clean energy fund in Nevada Assembly

Advocates for Nevada’s clean energy economy today spoke in favor of creative financing methods that would give businesses, neighborhood groups, community organizations and low-income families access to renewable energy. […]


Closing coal plant is good news for Nevada

Advocates for healthy communities and a vital clean energy economy in Nevada applauded plans by Idaho Power to close the last remaining utility-owned, coal-burning power plant in the Silver State. The Valmy plant in Northeast Nevada is co-owned by Idaho Power and NV Energy. The utility companies will have to negotiate a closing schedule. […]

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Key clean energy bills advance in Nevada Legislature

Key bills that would strengthen the state’s clean-energy economy and provide access to energy efficiency and renewable energy for all residents advanced in the Nevada Legislature on Tuesday. Several bills passed the Senate or Assembly by large margins with bipartisan support, paving the way for consideration by the other chamber. Bills that moved out of the Senate include efforts to strengthen and improve access to energy efficiency measures (SB 150), [...]



Ahead of the first meeting of the Governor's Committee on Energy Choice, Google announced Tuesday it would become the latest large company to look to buy power outside of the NV Energy system. The company has promised to get 100 percent of its power from renewable energy beginning this year. Nevada consumers have demanded the same access to renewables, overwhelmingly approving the Energy Choice Initiative in November 2016. Voters approved [...]


Key clean energy bills move forward after legislative leaders secure additional time for negotiation

Clean energy advocates applauded legislative leaders’ decision to allow additional time for consideration of three key clean energy bills, exempting them from Friday’s deadline for bills to be voted out of committee. The measures will increase the amount of renewable energy utilities get from clean, in-state resources; restore the state’s rooftop solar industry; and create new community solar projects in Nevada. Clean energy and energy efficiency already employ more than [...]


Community solar promises to expand access to affordable renewable energy for all

Advocates for renters, urban homeowners, small businesses and others spoke today at the Nevada Legislature for a bill that would bring clean, inexpensive solar energy to neighborhoods through community solar gardens. The Senate Subcommittee on Energy took testimony on Senate Bill 392, with primary sponsors Senator Mo Denis and Pat Spearman of Las Vegas, which would allow subscribers to work together to establish solar gardens on rooftops, over parking lots [...]


Clean-energy advocates speak up for essential bills at Nevada Legislature

Renewable energy will diversify and grow Nevada’s economy, clean energy advocates told the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor during a hearing Wednesday. Advocates for Nevada’s clean-energy economy, including members of the RenewNV partnership, told the Committee that the legislation would create stable energy rates and new jobs while meeting consumer demand for clean energy choices. “Nevada has the ability to lead the nation in clean energy production, and AB206 [...]


New Poll: Nevada’s Communities of Color Overwhelmingly Support Clean Energy

Carson City, NV -- A survey of registered Nevada voters from communities of color shows almost universal support for clean energy policies, including three proposals currently being considered by state legislators. Results show extremely high support for a proposal to increase the percentage of our electricity that comes from renewable sources, as well as measures that would increase access to energy efficiency and community solar programs. The survey also shows [...]

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Advocates Urge Legislators to Restore Nevada’s Rooftop Solar Industry at Hearing

Advocates for Nevada’s clean energy economy, and the local jobs, reliable electricity, and cleaner air that renewable energy brings, testified in favor of Assembly Bill 270, a bill to restore Nevada’s rooftop solar industry. A December 2015 regulatory decision to change the rules on how solar customers are compensated for the energy they generate put solar out of reach for Nevada consumers and gutted the state's once-thriving solar industry. A [...]