A grassroots coalition of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and concerned Nevadans is launching a new campaign, RenewNV, to create clean energy jobs in Nevada and make the state a national renewable energy leader. The initiative also released polling today showing that Nevadans see the huge economic potential of renewable energy in the state, and support efforts to end the state’s reliance on dirty fossil fuels and transition to homegrown renewable energy [...]


Sierra Club pushes for closure of dirty coal plant

For more than 35 years, the North Valmy coal plant in Northern Nevada has polluted the air, land and water. Now the Sierra Club is saying, "Shut it down." A study commissioned by the club found that it costs more to keep it open - and polluting - than it does to shift to clean renewable energy. NV Energy would save money by closing the North Valmy coal-fired power plant [...]


Nevada Conservation League and Clean Energy Project Applaud Reno and Henderson Signing on to Clean Power Plan Amicus Brief

Two Nevada cities stood up this April in support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. In an "amicus brief," the cities of Henderson and Reno signed with more than 50 city and county governments from 28 states, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities in support of the Clean Power Plan, now under federal judicial review. The Clean Energy Project and Nevada Conservation League saluted [...]


To NV Energy, “solar fairness” means an end to rooftop solar

NV Energy is funding a television advertising campaign blanketing local markets in Nevada, and attacking residential consumers who have invested in clean air and supported local jobs. The premise of the campaign? “Big rooftop solar” – that is, families who have invested their own money into solar panels – are demanding“subsidies.” The facts are quite the opposite. And the benefits of solar energy – clean air, local jobs, a stronger, [...]


Public Utilities Commission kills new rooftop solar in Nevada. Will decision spread?

In December 2015, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada shocked Nevada’s political establishment and the energy industry across the United States with a decision that virtually destroyed the residential, rooftop solar industry in the Silver State. Within weeks, thousands of jobs were lost as solar-installation companies abandoned the state. Homeowners planning to invest their own money into clean energy systems were forced to cancel those projects. This was only the [...]


Clean energy – good enough for Iowa, but not for Nevada?

Groups that support a clean-energy economy for Nevada wonder: Why is clean energy good for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway utility in Iowa, but not for Nevada? MidAmerican, BHE’s utility serving Iowa and parts of South Dakota, Nebraska and Illinois, plans a $3.6 billion investment in renewable energy, particularly wind and solar. The investment will bring the company portfolio up to 85 percent renewable energy, with a goal of bringing the [...]

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