Revitalizing the rooftop solar industry, improving energy efficiency and putting clean energy first.

During the 2017 legislative session, legislators, businesses, and advocates recognized that investing in Nevada’s own domestic clean energy resources – like solar, wind, and geothermal – will mean good local jobs, lower costs and diverse energy choices for businesses and consumers.

RenewNV supported 11 clean energy bills in the recent session of the Nevada Legislature. All of the bills passed, and Gov. Brian Sandoval signed nine of those into law. The new laws included measures to:

Together, this suite of legislation has laid the foundation for a strong and growing renewable energy economy that will promote job growth and continued investment.

“Investing in a clean energy economy works. The state’s $500 million investment in tax incentives for clean energy development has yielded a 10-to-1 return. Since 2010, these incentives have attracted more than $5.5 billion in capital investment in clean energy construction – including wind, solar and geothermal projects – to our state, creating high-paying jobs for Nevada workers.” – Business facilitator, former Ambassador, presidential advisor Sig Rogich

Our work continues.

Despite solid victories that keep Nevada on course to lead the nation in clean energy generation and use, we have more work to do. Governor Sandoval vetoed two bills that would have cemented the state’s clean energy future.

We must still increase the state’s clean energy standard, requiring utilities to get a higher percentage of our power from renewable sources, and allowed neighbors to band together and share the costs and benefits of community “solar gardens.”

Voters in Nevada will also have the chance to vote on a proposal for the Energy Choice Initiative, which would allow energy consumers to buy electricity on the open market. In 2016, a huge majority of voters supported this measure as a way to expand access to clean energy. RenewNVand clean-energy advocates are working to ensure boosting renewable energy is a central consideration when implementing Energy Choice.

RenewNV and its partners hope you will join us in this important work!