A growing economy, clean air, and a secure future.

Low-cost renewable energy provides reliable power, clean air, and good jobs for Nevada. And it has the potential to make our state an economic powerhouse.

A new strategy, a better future.

The status quo won’t get us there. To secure Nevada’s leadership position – and the economic growth that goes along with it – we need to update our policies to take advantage of the next generation of technology to position the state as an energy exporter with a diverse and growing economy.
RenewNV is a partnership of organizations working to build and enhance Nevada’s clean energy economy. Renewable energy means reliable power, clean air, and good jobs for Nevada, and smart energy policies can make the Silver State an economic powerhouse. RenewNV supports policies that will expand our use and export of renewable energy, increase opportunities for energy efficiency and ensure that all Nevadans have access to the new energy economy.


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