Advocates for Nevada’s clean energy economy today spoke in favor of creative financing methods that would give businesses, neighborhood groups, community organizations and low-income families access to renewable energy.

Senate Bill 407, sponsored by Senator Pat Spearman of Las Vegas, would establish a Clean Energy Fund – often called a “Green Bank” – to maximize private investment and lower the costs of clean energy. The Nevada Assembly Government Affairs Committee took testimony on the bill today. 
“Green banks provide innovative financing for clean energy projects that can give consumers and businesses immediate benefits, such as lower energy bills,” noted Ken Evans, a member of the Uplift Foundation of Las Vegas. “Connecting clean energy investors with the capital to make renewable energy projects a reality means good jobs installing solar energy or energy efficiency projects, which strengthens our clean energy economy. And of course, clean energy builds healthy communities as well as a healthy economy.”
“Public private partnerships are a great way to get things done, but seed money can be hard to find,” said Lena Paola, local real estate agent and member of the Las Vegas Urban League Young Professionals. “The Nevada Clean Energy Fund gets around that challenge by providing low-cost financing and unlocking capital that allows everyone to benefit from the clean energy economy emerging in our state.”