Ahead of the first meeting of the Governor’s Committee on Energy Choice, Google announced Tuesday it would become the latest large company to look to buy power outside of the NV Energy system. The company has promised to get 100 percent of its power from renewable energy beginning this year.

Nevada consumers have demanded the same access to renewables, overwhelmingly approving the Energy Choice Initiative in November 2016. Voters approved the initiative with the understanding that competitive electricity markets would encourage development of and access to renewable energy options. Today, as the Governor’s Committee on Energy Choice holds its first meeting, clean energy advocates highlighted that promise, and Nevada voters’ and businesses’ support for renewable energy.

The Energy Choice Initiative passed last year with 72 percent of the vote. As a change to the Nevada Constitution, it will require a second vote in 2018, and it is expected to pass. Gov. Brian Sandoval created the Committee on Energy Choice to identify potential challenges of the transition to an open energy market, as well as effective ways to implement the Energy Choice Initiative.

“Nevada voters overwhelmingly supported the Energy Choice Initiative because they believe in the future of renewable energy as a driver for jobs and innovation,” said Andy Maggi, executive director of the Nevada Conservation League. “But we need to make sure there is enough clean energy supply to meet consumer demand, which means investing in renewable energy now.

“As committee members discuss the transition to a competitive energy market, they need to stay focused on providing access to the clean, affordable renewable energy consumers and businesses like Google are demanding. That’s a critical part of our effort to attract cutting-edge global companies to our state. Nevada’s voters, and businesses large and small, are unified in supporting a vibrant and growing clean-energy economy in our state.”

Maggi and other clean-energy advocates support several clean energy bills moving through the Nevada Legislature this year that would increase access to clean energy and energy efficiency that are compatible with open energy markets.