Nevada businesses lined up Wednesday in support of Assembly Bill 206 stating it will grow Nevada’s economy by boosting renewable energy production. Business leaders were slated to voice support for Assemblyman Chris Brooks’ bill, which increases the amount of clean energy utilities must provide consumers at the hearing.

AB 206, would increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard to 50 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2040. The move towards a higher renewable energy standard has historically enjoyed bipartisan and business support, since the policy was first introduced two decades ago. Clean Energy Project, a non-partisan organization of businesses dedicated to promoting a clean energy economy, expects similar support for a new, stronger standard this year.

“Nevada needs to continue to update its RPS to better reflect the growing market demand for clean power and the Nevada’s potential to become the nation’s leading producer and consumer of renewable energy,” said Sig Rogich, Clean Energy Project board member and president of The Rogich Communications Group. 

Rogich, a former United States Ambassador and senior staff member of the White House under President George H.W. Bush , said the legislation, “sets an aggressive but achievable goal that may have amendments along the way, but it’s an intelligent approach to attract increased clean energy investment and new clean energy jobs.  This signals to corporations that Nevada is serious about innovating and addressing their clean energy wants and needs.”

Large corporations such as Apple and Switch, as well as small companies across the state, are turning to Nevada to provide clean, affordable energy harvested from abundant, homegrown renewable sources such as solar and geothermal.

“Nevada has already seen billions of dollars in investment and thousands of jobs created through our existing RPS and state incentive and abatement programs due to the state’s past bipartisan efforts,” said Tu Anh Tran, Chief Technical Officer of Sol-Up. “Nevada has a rare opportunity seize the opportunity to further grow one of our most promising industries by adjusting the RPS to take advantage of our own home-grown clean energy.”

“As a business owner, I am very conscious of the public policy decisions my state’s leaders make to help improve our community and economy,” said Andrea Vigil, Chief Operating Officer at Allegiant Electric. “AB 206 signals to the world that Nevada means business in growing our clean energy economy and protecting families from environmental and health risks associated with dirtier fuels sources.”