The Nevada Senate today voted to increase the state’s clean energy standard to 40 percent renewable sources by 2030. Following a concurring vote in the Nevada Assembly, Assembly Bill 206 will go to Governor Brian Sandoval for his signature.

AB 206, sponsored by Las Vegas Assemblyman Chris Brooks, has received bipartisan support from diverse interests, including large and small businesses who anticipate economic growth, job creation and healthier communities to accompany the increase in renewable energy use. Advocates in the RenewNV partnership applauded legislators for voting for a strong clean energy economy.

“Nevada has some of the nation’s best solar and geothermal resources, but relies on out-of-state natural gas for the vast majority of its electricity,” said Dylan Sullivan, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council “This bill would change that, and help deliver the clean, affordable, abundant clean energy future Nevadans want.”

Others noted the overwhelming support for AB 206 throughout the state.

“Voters in Nevada have been clamoring for more clean energy choices, development, and use,” agreed Andy Maggi, executive director of the Nevada Conservation League. “The passage of AB206 shows that legislative leaders and a bipartisan list of members of both chambers have heard the voters calls and prioritized clean energy this session. AB206 will create thousands of jobs, greatly expand the adoption of clean energy technologies, and reduce pollution.”

And advocates said AB 206 will work hand-in-hand with other clean energy measures passed this session to boost our economy and create jobs.

“Today Nevada is taking another big step forward to advance energy justice,” said the Reverend Leonard Jackson of Faith Organizing Alliance in Las Vegas. “We have set the table with other policies to increase the tools in our energy toolbox, including energy efficiency and increased access. AB 206 brings the investment to our state that will create thousands of jobs spanning every community, and improving the health and economic well-being of our state.”

About RenewNV: RenewNV is a partnership of organizations working to build and enhance Nevada’s clean energy economy. Renewable energy means reliable power, clean air, good jobs for Nevada, and smart energy policies that can make the Silver State an economic powerhouse.