The 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature presents an unparalleled opportunity to bolster our state’s clean energy industry – an investment that puts Nevadans to work, diversifies our economy and makes our communities healthier.

RenewNV’s Coalition members and allies are encouraged by the leadership we’re already seeing from some of our state legislators on these issues as they prepare to go into session on Monday. With Governor Brian Sandoval, another strong supporter of clean energy, the future of renewable energy in our state is very bright!

Sondra Cosgrove, President, League of Women Voters of the Las Vegas Valley:
The League of Women Voters of Nevada is looking forward to engaging in community-building and robust economic development discussions this legislative session. We are hopeful that each day will be an investment in ensuring that our children have access to high-quality education; that our families can be self-sufficient through good-paying, sustainable jobs; and that our economy is buttressed by our own renewable resources.

Jessica Scott, Regional Director, Interior West at Vote Solar:
With the start of a new legislative session, Nevada has a major opportunity to reclaim its position as a clean energy leader. We are excited to continue working with local stakeholder organizations and lawmakers to champion policies that move the Silver State forward on solar progress. Our priorities will focus on the rights of Nevadans to choose clean power, whether it’s on their roof or around the corner.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director, Battle Born Progress:
We expect our legislators to make clean energy a priority this legislative session. These issues are a top priority for Battle Born Progress and our activists and we want to see Nevada become a renewable energy leader again.