The Nevada Conservation League and Clean Energy Project agree the new wind and solar leasing and land-use rules produced by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management balance the tremendous economic opportunities from responsible and affordable clean energy development, while protecting sensitive lands from environmental impacts.

“The BLM rule today will ensure that our critical habitats are protected and guide wind and solar projects to suitable areas,” said Vinny Spotleson, Nevada Conservation League Program Director. “This will help people get to work and speed up the process to get more clean energy online.” 

“The BLM rule demonstrates the type of bipartisan solution necessary for continued clean energy development,” said Jennifer Taylor, Executive Director, Clean Energy Project. “The rule also encourages job creation and economic growth opportunities while providing a greater integration of reliable, stable clean energy into our grid and securing important environmental protection parameters.”

With this rule, BLM will receive fair market value for the use of public lands, as Congress has required. The rule establishes a transparent bidding process for wind and solar leases on public lands, in line with the process for other forms of energy development on public lands and waters. 

Western communities strongly support more renewable energy development. Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy and one of the most affordable sources of energy in the market.  This rule will continue to scale up wind and solar energy responsibly, providing clean energy and economic benefits. The Nevada Conservation League and Clean Energy Project urge policy makers and the public to support the new rule.