RENO — Today, Governor Sisolak signed an executive order directing state agencies to take action on climate change by reducing Nevada’s greenhouse gas emissions, asking agencies to consider climate change’s disproportionate impact on disadvantaged and low-income communities. The state will also start the process of establishing stronger vehicle emission standards.

“We applaud Governor Sisolak for signing this executive order to begin significantly reducing our state’s greenhouse gas pollution, crafting a State Climate Strategy, and taking steps towards setting stronger vehicle emissions standards,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Andy Maggi“Governor Sisolak is following through on his repeated promise to protect the futures of Nevadans and directly tackling the carbon pollution harming our communities. Conserving our energy and public land resources will help us achieve additional gains towards a carbon-free future. In the absence of federal action — and the utter failure of the Trump administration to put people over polluters — this is exactly the kind of climate leadership Nevada voters need and have asked for. We look forward to working with Governor Sisolak, his Office of Energy, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and all relevant stakeholders to ensure Nevada takes climate action to protect our environment, resources and people for generations to come.”

“We are proud to stand with Governor Sisolak and with Nevada’s leaders today to support this Executive Order,” said Alexa Aispuro, Youth Organizer for Chispa Nevada“We look forward to seeing a Climate Strategy Plan that will not only transition Nevada to 100% clean energy, but that will also prioritize the needs of communities that have been overburdened by pollution and that are most vulnerable to climate change. Our families have a right to clean air, clean transportation, and a safe and healthy climate for ourselves and for our children. Chispa Nevada and the Latino families we work with each day are ready to take on the climate crisis with you.”

“We thank Governor Steve Sisolak for keeping his promise to take aggressive action to address the climate crisis, especially as the Trump administration continues to turn back the clock,” said Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress“Once again, Nevada is acting as a leader and role model for the country, this time in uniting federal, state, and local agencies to develop a concrete emission reduction plan ahead of the 2021 Legislative Session. Climate change poses unique threats to Nevada, with increasing temperatures and carbon emissions threatening the health and well-being of our communities. In particular, underserved communities, including communities of color, are impacted the most by disease-causing pollution from fossil fuels. We look forward to working with the Governor, his Office of Energy, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to ensure the latter are prioritized in the policy recommendations arising from today’s project.”

“We welcome Governor Sisolak’s order to begin reducing Nevada’s reliance on polluting fossil fuels,” said Reverend Leonard Jackson with the Faith Organizing Alliance“Climate change affects all Nevadans, but it does not affect each one equally. In order to protect vulnerable Nevadans, low-income families and communities of color, we must take swift action to transition to clean energy, clean cars, and cleaner technologies. Cutting down carbon pollution will not only clean up our air and improve public health, it will also help invest in our homegrown resources and create jobs within our own communities. We are excited to work with our partners at the state and local levels to enact smart policies that will protect our climate and our families.”


About the Nevada Conservation League: We are the independent political voice of Nevada’s Conservation Community. We work to protect Nevada’s air, water, land, and wildlife for the health and benefit of all Nevadans, especially those most impacted by pollution, by turning conservation values into political priorities and laws. On behalf of our more than 35,000 members, we organize Nevadans, advocate for the environment, hold our elected officials accountable and elect pro-conservation candidates who will champion clean air, clean water, clean energy, and access to our public lands.