LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, RenewNV, a coalition of faith leaders, volunteers, and activists, represented by Dr. Mary House, President and CEO of Caring, Helping, and Restoring Lives (CHR), called on members of Nevada’s Legislative Committee on Energy to support policies that promote clean transportation, clean air, and equitable transportation funding solutions. The Committee on Energy meets between legislative sessions, and today marked the first meeting of the 2019-2020 interim.

“While Nevada took big steps forward on clean energy last session, there is still more work to do,” said Dr. House, “By cleaning up and electrifying the transportation sector, we will reduce carbon emissions, improve the health of Nevada’s families and save consumers money.”

Dr. House pointed out that the transportation sector is the biggest polluter of greenhouse gases. She also mentioned a recent American Lung Association report, which gave Clark and Washoe Counties an F-grade for air quality. By cleaning up the transportation sector, Nevada will benefit from infrastructure improvement and job growth, as well as cost savings for families.

Program Director, Rudy Zamora, for Chispa Nevada issued this statement regarding the electrification of Nevada’s transportation sector, “Following the successful passage of legislation to fund electric school buses, Nevada is on a path to significantly improve our air quality and our children’s health. Communities of color disproportionately breathe dirty air and suffer the health and economic repercussions. We’re excited for what this committee can accomplish for Nevada’s families and environment by speeding up our transition to clean, zero-emission cars and buses.”

Executive Director, Andy Maggi, for Nevada Conservation League said, “Nevadans are looking to our legislators to set a bold agenda for the 2021 session as it sets policies for clean energy and clean transportation. We look forward to working with members of the committee to deploy more renewable resources, tackle greenhouse gas emissions, and build upon Nevada’s role as a clean energy and climate action leader.”

Both Chispa Nevada and Nevada Conservation League are members of the RenewNV coalition.