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LAS VEGAS, NV – Members of the RenewNV coalition spoke at the Public Utility Commission of Nevada’s (PUCN) annual Consumer Session today, advocating for the swift implementation of clean energy bills passed and signed during the 80th Legislative Session. At a press conference prior to the Consumer Session, advocates praised the continued progress on various measures, including SB358 that establishes a 50% by 2030 Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Last month, the coalition submitted a letter in support of the RPS implementation to the PUCN.

Barbara Hartzell, with the Nevada Conservation League, said, “We believe that our state can and must lead the nation into a clean energy future. By doing that, we’ll improve air quality, strengthen our economy, and reduce the impacts of climate change. Clean energy means a healthier, brighter future for Nevada families.”

Ivòn Meneses, a volunteer with Chispa NV, said, “Our organization is extremely concerned about the health impacts from burning fossil fuels. Not only is transportation now the number one source of carbon emissions, it also contributes to asthma and other illnesses. Low income families and communities of color disproportionately live in areas with dirty air and are especially hard hit. Thankfully, the Nevada Legislature passed Senate Bill 299 this session, which opened up funding so our schools can invest in zero-emission, electric school buses. We were glad to see the Public Utilities Commission set aside funds for that and we thank them for listening to Nevada families.”

Rev. Leonard Jackson, with the Faith Organizing Alliance, said, “As all of these bills are implemented, equity should be a key consideration. Nobody should be left out or left behind when it comes to the benefits of a clean energy economy or the impacts of climate change and air pollution.”

Eymhy Corpus, with the Sierra Club’s Toiyabe Chapter, said, “The efforts made by the Nevada Legislature are one step in the right direction to reducing Nevada’s carbon footprint, and contributing to the mobilization happening all over the world to stop climate change. We appreciate their work on legislation to advance clean energy, battery storage, energy efficiency, alternative rate making and electric vehicles. Similarly we would like to applaud the Public Utilities Commission on their recent unanimous decision to join Oregon, Washington and California regulators to  “promote deployment of cost-effective, reliable and clean energy resources and infrastructure” through the frame of climate action.

Maria-Teresa Liebermann, with Battle Born Progress, said, “Low-income and communities of color are the most at risk of adverse health effects due to emissions pollution. Nevada’s abundance of solar power creates an opportunity to address this. We’re excited to continue working with the PUC, utilities, and the Nevada legislature to make sure those more at risk are given the chance to have self-determination of their energy generation and output.”