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***Click here to view a digital version of the scorecard*** 

LAS VEGAS, NV – Joined by Governor Sisolak and legislative leaders, the RenewNV coalition released its 2019 Clean Energy Legislative Scorecard today as it celebrated a landmark session for policies dealing with renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric vehicles. 

Reverend Leonard Jackson, Executive Director of the Faith Organizing Alliance, said, “This year, Nevada reclaimed its clean energy leadership by taking bold action. We’re extremely excited that all 8 clean energy measures from the 2019 passed into law. The renewable portfolio standard (RPS), which was vetoed just two years ago, passed this session with unanimous support and was signed by our new Governor, Steve Sisolak. We look forward to continuing to work with this administration to keep up the progress made this session on clean energy.”

Barbara Hartzell, Operations Director of the Nevada Conservation League, said, “Through rallies, citizen lobbying trips, and at the ballot box, Nevadans have made it clear they want our leaders to build a clean energy economy — one that addresses the climate crisis and takes action to protect our natural resources and our futures. Nevadans can use this scorecard to see how their representatives voted. We think that information makes a difference — this year we saw broader, bipartisan support for clean energy, and we thank Governor Sisolak for signing 100% of the clean energy bills that came to his desk.”

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said, “We are proud of the good work done in Carson City during this year’s 2019 Legislative Session. It is critical that we continue fighting for clean energy and sustainable solutions to Nevada’s carbon footprint. Annually, we get almost 3,900 hours of sun here in Las Vegas. As such, our state must continue investing in solar technology so we can utilize this valuable resource to its fullest. The solar power initiatives passed this Session will help our state to move towards a more sustainable future, and will help ensure all Nevadans, regardless of income, are able to reap the benefits of solar energy.”

Eight clean energy measures passed the 2019th Legislative Session with strong bipartisan support and were signed into law by Governor Steve Sisolak, ranging from ambitious plans to curb carbon emissions to bills advancing the use of electric vehicles and raising the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. 

These policies will boost our state’s economy and provide a healthier future for Nevadans and their families for generations to come:

  • AB54 – Increases standards for light bulbs to save energy and reduce consumers’ power bills.
  • AB377 – Changes weight limits to allow heavy-duty electric trucks on Nevada’s roads.
  • AB465 – Allows more Nevadans to use clean energy in their homes, reducing rates for some low-income customers. It also expands job training and placement opportunities in the solar industry.
  • AB483 – Gathers information on vehicle mileage to show how much our roadways are being used by electric and other passenger vehicles, and what types of vehicles are registered.
  • SB254 – Calls for state officials to inventory Nevada’s carbon footprint and determine what steps we can take to significantly lower our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • SB299 – Opens up funding for an electric school bus pilot program.
  • SB358 – Increases the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to require 50% clean energy by 2030 with a goal of 100% carbon-free energy by 2050.
  • SCR3 – Directs a study on the benefits and usage of electric vehicles, as well as new ways to fund roads and other transportation infrastructure.

RenewNV’s scorecard educates Nevada voters on the support their State Senator and Assembly Member, as well as Governor Sisolak, showed on key clean energy bills. Coalition members will take this scorecard into the community and distribute it at events as part of an ongoing conversation on clean energy issues. 

***Click here to view a digital version of the scorecard*** 

About RenewNV: RenewNV is a partnership of community members and organizations working to expand clean energy in Nevada. By investing in local, renewable power resources, our state can improve air quality and reduce the impacts of climate change, leading the nation into a clean energy future. To learn more visit