Carson City, NV⎼⎼ Today, Nevadans went to Legislative hearings in both Las Vegas and Carson City to show their support for increasing the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 50% by 2030 with Senate Bill358, sponsored by Senator Chris Brooks. The bill mirrors Question 6 from the 2018 ballot, which passed with 59% of the vote. This bill would require the state’s energy utility to source at least 50% of the energy it distributes to consumers from clean renewable sources like solar.

Supporters spoke to how raising the RPS is cost effective, improves health and air quality, and creates homegrown jobs.

“We want to commend the Nevada Legislature for taking up this important issue,” said Katherine Lorenzo, Senior Organizer with Chispa Nevada and representative for the RenewNV coalition. “Our organizations advocate for clean energy and climate solutions in Nevada, and collectively represent tens of thousands of Nevadans as members and supporters. A strong RPS will create good jobs, improve air quality, and protect our environment for future generations.”

“A higher RPS would also allow us to tap into our state’s abundant and homegrown solar, geothermal and wind energy resources, boosting our clean energy economy and saving ratepayers money,” said Andy Maggi, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League. “Nevadans have been asking for a higher RPS since 2017, and voters reiterated their preference for clean energy by overwhelmingly supporting Question 6 in 2018. Today we urge members of this committee and the Nevada Legislature to respond to the will of the voters and support Senate Bill 358.”

“Today, I have had the privilege of meeting with lawmakers here in the State House alongside professional skier Max Hammer and professional snowboarder Tim Eddy,” said David Wise, two-time Olympic gold medalist skier. “Together, the three of us represent Nevada’s thriving outdoor recreation economy which will no doubt be impacted by climate change. For the future of our sport and the future of our families, I ask you to pass SB 358 and move our state to 50% clean energy by 2030.”

“The people of Nevada have made a clear statement about the future they want, and they should not have to wait for it to become a reality,” said Katie Robbins, Campaign Manager for Nevadans for a Clean Energy Future. “Many legislative leaders, as well as Governor Sisolak have all recognized the need to guarantee a cleaner, healthier future for our state. In addition to making our communities healthier, investing in clean energy will bring thousands of good paying jobs and billions of dollars to our economy.”