Governor Sisolak Signs SB 358 into Law, Raising RPS to 50% by 2030

Carson City, NV⎼⎼ Governor Steve Sisolak signed Senate Bill 358 into law today, marking a huge step forward for Nevada’s clean energy economy. The bill passed the Nevada Legislature with unanimous bipartisan support in both the Senate and the Assembly, and would increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 50% by 2030, and put the state on course to 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2050.

Voters approved a similar ballot measure in 2018 with nearly 60% of the vote. The 2017 Legislature also passed an RPS increase, but it was vetoed by then-Governor Brian Sandoval.

Nevada was one of the first states to adopt a Renewable Portfolio Standard in the 1990s. It was most recently increased in 2009 to 25% by 2025, but in recent years other states have surged past Nevada. Advocates say that committing the state to getting at least half of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 will bring jobs, economic development, and health and environmental benefits to the Silver State.

Andy Maggi, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League, stated:

“Today, Nevada reclaims its title as a national clean energy leader. With Governor Sisolak’s signature and unanimous support from our legislators, our state is now closer to a future where 100% of our energy comes from our plentiful solar, wind and geothermal resources, starting with a requirement of 50% by 2030. Raising the RPS helps Nevada’s workers, consumers, voters and our environment.”  

Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress Executive Director, stated:  

“On this Earth Day, I am thrilled to watch as Nevada takes a giant leap forward into our clean energy future. Raising the RPS is the first step of many to ensure our state is run on homegrown, clean energy for future generations. I thank Governor Steve Sisolak for supporting increasing the RPS at every step of the way and cannot wait to see what else Nevada can do under his leadership. I also want to thank the bill sponsor, Senator Chris Brooks for his fierce advocacy for clean energy in Nevada and to Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro and Speaker Jason Frierson for their dedication to ensuring this policy made it to the Governor’s desk.”

Rudy Zamora, Program Director for Chispa Nevada, stated:  

“Governor Sisolak has just signed legislation that puts people over polluters. By raising the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50% by 2030, Nevada is seizing an opportunity to put thousands of Nevadans to work, help families save on electricity bills, and reduce the environmental pollution that harms our communities. Low-income and Nevadans of color throughout our state will benefit from this increase in clean, affordable energy. We applaud our elected leaders for making SB358 law.”

Reverend Leonard Jackson of Faith Organizing Alliance stated: 

“For far too long, communities of color have suffered most from the health and environmental impacts of fossil fuel pollution. This bill is another big step toward addressing those disparities and creating a brighter future for the next generation. We thank Governor Sisolak and the Legislature for passing this law, and look forward to working with them on other measures to increase access to the benefits Nevada’s clean energy economy.”

Jerry C. Holliday with the Uplift Foundation of Nevada stated:

“Thank you Governor Sisolak, Senator Brooks, Senator Cannizzaro, Speaker Frierson and Assemblywoman Monroe Moreno for quickly carrying out the will of the citizens of Nevada with the passage of SB 358. Nevada will again take its place as a Clean Energy leader with your leadership. All the citizens of the State of Nevada will truly be the beneficiaries. “

Katie Robbins with Nevadans for a Clean Energy Future stated:

“We are thrilled to see the will of the Nevada voters implemented so quickly and thank Governor Sisolak, Senator Cannizzaro, Speaker Frierson and Senator Brooks for their leadership on this issue. With the overwhelming passage of Question 6 last year voters made it clear that they want cleaner, cheaper energy and we are happy they won’t have to wait to cast a ballot again in 2020 for that to become a reality.”