Carson City, NV⎼⎼ Today, State Senators showed their overwhelming support for increasing the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 50% by 2030 with Senate Bill 358, sponsored by Senator Chris Brooks. The bill passed unanimously, compared to a vote of just 12-9 for a similar measure 2 years ago, demonstrating the growing bipartisan support for growing Nevada’s clean energy economy. SB 358 will now head to the Assembly, where it is expected to receive a committee hearing and floor vote in the coming weeks. It will then head to the desk of Governor Sisolak, who has expressed his desire to sign the measure.

The bill mirrors Question 6 from the 2018 ballot, which passed with almost 60% of the vote. AB 358 would require the state’s energy utility to source at least 50% of the energy it distributes to consumers from clean renewable sources like solar by the year 2030.

“The clear, unanimous support we saw in the Nevada Senate today reinforces that raising Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard is a popular, bipartisan, common-sense measure,” said Andy Maggi, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League. “Nevadans supported this increase during the 2017 session and again in the 2018 election. The consensus is clear: significantly boosting Nevada’s share of renewable energy is the best way to move forward our clean energy economy, delivering the “green collar jobs” and cost savings consumers want.

We thank all the Senators who supported this bill and call for the Assembly to get this bill to Governor Sisolak’s desk as quickly as possible. There’s no reason to delay, and Nevadans are waiting for us to take speedy action.”

“Clean energy is our future and today we are one step closer to moving Nevada to a cleaner, greener energy economy. The Senators who voted in support of SB358 also voted to fulfill the desire of Nevada voters. Raising the RPS means more good jobs, more clean energy production, and sets Nevada up to re-emerge as a leader in the clean energy future,” 
said Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress Executive Director. “I was thrilled to see every Senator voice their support for raising the RPS. I look forward to working on this bill in the Assembly and, hopefully, seeing it on the Governor’s desk for a signature this session.”

“A strong RPS will create good jobs, improve our air quality, and keep our clean energy economy moving forward,” said Rudy Zamora, Program Director for Chispa NV. “For low-income households and communities of color — families who already bear the burdens of environmental pollution and high energy costs — increasing our share of renewable energy will also lower electricity bills and protect Nevada’s environment. On behalf of our children and for future generations, we thank the Nevada Senate for supporting Senate Bill 358.”