Nevada voters have spoken, and they demanded cleaner air and a cleaner future for our state. The successful passage of Question 6 will expand renewable energy in Nevada to 50 percent by 2030. As public opinion has consistently shown, Nevadans overwhelmingly favor a transition to affordable clean power that will create thousands of good jobs and reduce pollution. This is an important step forward for clean energy in our state.

“All Nevada consumers deserve the same opportunities to access affordable, reliable power from renewables and the cost-savings and good jobs that come with it,” said Dr. Mary House, CEO of Caring, Helping, and Restoring Lives. “Passage of Question 6 will move us toward that future.”  

“We know from experience that a strong Renewable Portfolio Standard is the best way to spur clean energy investment and innovation in our state, and modernizing our state’s standard will help move the economy forward,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director, Andy Maggi. “Policymakers shouldn’t wait until 2020 for this to become law; they should take action in in 2019 to give consumers access to the clean energy they are demanding. The legislature already tried to follow the will of the voters once, in 2017, and there is no excuse not to do the same in 2019.”

Elspeth DiMarzio, Sierra Club’s Nevada Beyond Coal Campaign Representative, added:

“Voters made clear this election that they want renewable energy, and that they support NV Energy’s bold commitment to work toward a 100 percent renewable future. Now it’s time for NV Energy to follow through, and we will hold the utility to its word.”