LAS VEGAS – The RenewNV coalition released the first-ever clean energy legislative scorecard, which grades the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session on clean energy policies – 11 bills passed out of the legislature and 9 of them were signed into law by Governor Sandoval. This historic set of bills were supported by a bipartisan group of Nevada Legislators which shows that Nevadans overwhelming care about clean energy issues and that these issue are not partisan.

“The eyes of the nation were on Nevada in 2017, as the state legislature considered and passed 11 pieces of critical clean energy legislation. In a substantial win for Nevada’s clean energy economy, nine of those 11 bills were signed into law. Because of the legislation that was passed, Nevadans will benefit economically from greater access to energy efficiency, stable electric rates, and clean energy plus the good jobs that will be created by this industry growing again here in Nevada,” said Andy Maggi, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League Education Fund“Clean energy is about health. For far too long, low income families and communities of color have had power plants and other polluting facilities placed in our neighborhoods, putting us at a higher risk for asthma and other illnesses. Renewable energy will ensure that no family has to struggle with the poison of air pollution from fossil fuels, said Reverend Leonard Jackson, Director of Faith Organizing Alliance. “Clean energy is also about economic opportunity. We can create local jobs and reduce electric bills through strong energy efficiency, rooftop solar, and community solar programs, giving more folks a pathway out of poverty and into prosperity.”

“Reducing our use of polluting fossil fuels and transitioning to clean, renewable energy are critical for communities of color – particularly Latino, African-American and Native American communities – that are much more likely to suffer the harmful effects of dirty energy pollution. Chispa Nevada is a proud partner of the Renew Nevada coalition. Our community has come together to support good clean energy policy and we worked hard to help pass all 11 bills in the 2017 legislative session and we will continue working with our partners to make Nevada a healthier place for everyone,” said Rudy Zamora, State Director for Chispa Nevada.

RenewNV is dedicated to educating Nevada’s voters about how each Nevada State Senator and Assembly Member voted on bills that increased our access to clean energy. This scorecard is a resource for Nevadans to learn how their state representatives voted last year. The RenewNV coalition members will be taking this scorecard into the community and handing it out at events as part of an ongoing conversation and engagement on clean energy issues. This is important as we head into the 2018 elections and plan for the 2019 Legislature.