Electrify Nevada’s Transportation 

  • Transportation is now the number one source of carbon emissions and harmful pollution in our communities.
  • Electric vehicle technology is advancing quickly to meet this challenge, and soon everybody will be able to find an electric vehicle that suits their needs and budget.
  • Nevada families will see major health and economic benefits by shifting to electric vehicles, and we should establish policies that encourage this transition.

At Least 50% Clean by 2030 

  • Today, Nevadans get most of their energy from out of state fossil fuels.
  • Increasing our Renewable Portfolio Standard will ensure that Nevadans get more of their energy from local sources like solar, wind, and geothermal.
  • That means cleaner air, savings on energy and healthcare bills, and more jobs and investments in Nevada’s economy.

Expand Access to Solar Power for  ALL Nevadans

  • Rooftop solar doesn’t work for everyone; many Nevada families rent, or don’t have the income, credit, or location to get their own panels.
  • Community solar programs close this gap by allowing all Nevadans to access the benefits of clean energy projects in their community

I'm interested in volunteering!I would benefit from Community Solar!I drive an electric vehicle and love it!I want my next vehicle to be electric!

Make your voice heard. Tell your decison-maker you support Nevada's clean energy future!

  • I SUPPORT: Electrifying Nevada’s transportation, at least a 50% Clean Energy RPS by 2030, and expanding access to solar power for all Nevadans!


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